A supportive services program for expectant and parenting teens and young parents 23 and under.

With the right support and resources you will feel empowered to succeed, no matter the circumstances

Helping Empower Young Mothers to Achieve (HEY MA)

With HEY MA, young women who become mothers in their teens or as young adults will be empowered to attain success in school and in life, for themselves and their children.

Comprehensive Case Management Services

Case management services and resource linkages to help young moms achieve their goals.

Material Support

Diaper Pantry and Baby Boutique to provide diapers wipes and baby items to mothers in need.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship program for young moms that want to pursue higher education

We understand the social, health, educational, and economic impact of having a child at a young age. Life at times can feel alone, and more difficult to face when you are no longer only responsible for yourself but someone else as well. We are dedicated to supporting, empowering and servicing each individual parent as we work together to identify your challenges and needs. We aim to assist you in achieving all of your dreams and goals, while balancing parenthood.

Promote Educational Success
Increase the number of healthy births in babies born to young parents
Decrease the number of repeat pregnancies